Who’s This Guy?

InvaderJimFilm is a dedicated film, television, and webseries blog devoted to analysis, ideas, and commentary surrounding the art of filmmaking. This includes a variety of topics from reviews, retrospectives, investigative features, or film pitches.

InvaderJim is not a professional film critic nor is he a filmmaker. He is also not a film student. In fact, he pretty much doesn’t really have anything to do with putting together films at all. InvaderJim is just an obsessive film fan seeking to learn as much about films as possible. While always glued to the television in his youth, InvaderJim took it upon himself in 2013 to watch as many films as he could in a year to participate in online discussion and analysis. Since then, he’s watched over 100 films a year seeking films of every kind in order to develop as diverse a taste as he can.